WordPress New Version 6.2

WordPress is created by a community of developers and is free.
In order to keep up with evolving industry standards, they update each new release with bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, and enhancements to existing functionality.

if you don’t update your WordPress site, you run the danger of losing out on new features and enhancements while also compromising the security of your website.

The fundamental WordPress files on your website are replaced by a WordPress update.
This covers the files in the wp-admin, wp-includes, and wp-content directories, with one significant exception.
Installed plugins or third-party themes won’t be affected by a WordPress update.

Security is the main motivation for keeping your WordPress website updated.
WordPress is the CMS that powers more than 40% of all websites, making it the most popular CMS worldwide.
WordPress is a frequent target for hackers and others who spread dangerous software because of its popularity.

Release notes are included with every WordPress version, outlining any changes and fixes.
After reading the release notes, hackers look for websites that haven’t been updated recently in an effort to take advantage of them.
Your website contains known vulnerabilities if it is powered by an outdated version of WordPress.

Published: March 30, 2023

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